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“It's about coming back to your nutrition. It's not about the rules of nutrition, but the way you see your nutrition and, finding what works for you – the bio-individuality.”
-Kate Clarke

“I love uncovering a shift in mindset that unlocks the power that's in you, rather than something else that makes you change. It's amazing to watch women experience their own breakthroughs,” Kate said.

I believe we are both the student, and the teacher. Kate Clarke, a certified Holistic Health Coach, is living this concept to the fullest.

In 2009, Kate's childhood passion to become a teacher led her on a journey that took her from her home in Canada to residing in New Zealand where she attended the college of her choice. She fell in love with the country and its culture. Kate's natural skills as an educator expand beyond her primary school classroom curriculum of preteen- age students to sharing her ever-evolving wisdom and knowledge with women who desire to live a healthier, more holistic lifestyle. “I help women who put pressure on themselves to do it all deal with expectation, learn how to put themselves first and truly enjoy taking care of their body,” Kate said.

“It's about coming back to your nutrition,” she said. “It's not about the rules of nutrition, but the way you see your nutrition and, finding what works for you – the bio-individuality.”

Kate offers workshops in her local community and has found this offering to be one of the most beneficial ways to introduce potential clients to the concept of her coaching style, what it is like to work with her on a one-to-one basis, and ignite the trust factor that encourages women to learn the importance of self- care. A popular workshop format includes lecture, yoga, guided meditation and much more.

“My intent in this approach is to support the bigger picture of caring for yourself and integrating mindfulness, mindset, and personal development,” said Kate. Utilizing her collaboration with Luscious Life Design, she is developing a unique business brand. This networking system includes a variety of healthcare providers with a similar vision to Kate’s, and provides her the opportunity to continuously learn how to better assist women.

Kate’s passion is to provide women with the knowledge that simple lifestyle adjustments can have a positive ripple effect on their overall life experience. “We're all different so it's my role to help you find what works,” Kate said.

Often times Kate finds herself breaking the mold of the diet mentality. “A lot of people have an all or nothing mentality; like on the wagon, off the wagon.” Kate adds, “It's about 'crowding out' rather than 'cutting out'.” She's not a 'numbers' person when it comes to a person’s weight. There are many factors that some women don't consider when getting on the scale, such as the gravitational pull, menstrual cycle weight gain, etcetera. “Tell me,” she said, “how does your body feel?”

“People come back to tell me the one thing that really made a difference to them.”

Kate has noticed a change in how people in New Zealand are approaching health and nutrition. People are becoming more aware of eating and living healthier. In 2017, she plans to offer ten-week in-person and online coaching options.

“It sounds selfish of me to say, but for me health coaching has changed me, as much as it’s changed any one. My work has created a ripple effect without me doing anything. It has to do with how I interact with my friends and how I hold space for others. I've learned so much about it that it has changed me as a person. I’ve realized that I can have a positive influence on other women in my life without them even having to come to me. Do you know what I mean? I don't have to have clients to know I'm making a difference,” Kate shared. “I've made a difference in myself.” People see Kate’s success, and has become contagious. “I can help them with that.” You can find Kate at https://www.facebook.com/empoweredhealthcoaching.

CK Kochis, Publisher of Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine

Cindy (C.K.) Kochis is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach who transformed her coaching practice as the foundation of Elements For A Healthier Life. She is providing a community space for people to share their personal stories, professional knowledge and healthy eating options. Cindy is a coach, virtual assistant, author, grandmother and sassy redhead. She self-published “Get A Compass Not A Clock” and “Unleash Your Inner Story”. For more information about Cindy’s services, visit ckkochis.com.

This article was originally published in the December 2016 edition of Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine.

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