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From Pranayama To Pratyahara

Written By Sarah Wall Prana is life force energy. ‘Pra’ means first and ‘na’ is the most basic unit of energy, therefore practicing pranayama is to expand your life force energy with control. This can be done with movement and breathing exercises. To detach awareness...

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The Guru is YOU

Happiness is the experience. Happiness is an amazing foundational goal, but thinking or feeling you must be happy every second of the day is delusional, this is not a balanced healthy life. Some happiness teachers may not like that statement, but oh well. I'm a truth...

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You’re the Gift!

You’re a Gift You’re a treasure You’re a one of a kind Dazzling display of Divine Radiance! Can you see it as you gaze into your mirror? No? Not really. Oh, I see It’s not showing your true reflection. Let’s adjust that. OK, Deep breath. Let out a soft sound as you...

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I’m A B*tch

Imagine focusing on getting rich one week at a time. What could you manifest? How much abundance could you acquire? Would you keep track? The desire to free our money block, the four-women mastermind group I belong to chose to read Get Rich, Lucky Bitch written by...

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Wreck This Journal

I have always been a sucker for journal books. I prefer the type with blank pages so I can freely wing it and allow the voice inside to express herself without the confinements of lines. The more outside of the normal, the better. I say, “Stretch the boundaries of the...

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Dancing on the Ledge

I've stood on the very ledge my son stood upon. Though my toes didn't reach the edge, as his did.   Freewill is a bitch. Or, that's my opinion of her right now. The echos of my internal voice that screamed “WHY?!” from every maternal cell within my body are calmer....

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