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In the Workplace

We spend most of our waking hours focused on our jobs and the work place. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, executive or a work-at-home mom, these articles and stories will offer examples of finding balance between work and home, how to get ahead in the workplace, and starting and maintaining a business. Explore the wisdom gained by individuals thriving in the workplace.

Illusion of Struggle

 It takes great courage to transition from one meaningful activity to something that is unfamiliar or unknown. A part of that process is to let go, or release our unwavering grip, of something that is no longer serving our highest potential. On June 12, 2018, I...

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Living In Alignment

  Making A Difference An Interview with Sabrina Fritts Written by CK Kochis A roll-over “accident” was the wake-up call Sabrina Fritts needed to see that there was more to life than a merry-go-round of obligations. During the workweek, her attention was focused...

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A Life Without Judgment

Written By Barb Parcells I was watching a YouTube interview the other day featuring psychologist, author and Coach Dr. Robert Holden. During the interview, he asked the viewers to answer this question: “What would my life feel like if I didn’t judge?” What a powerful...

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Making a Difference October 2016

““Don't be afraid of marketing, because marketing is how you get your message out there.” -Jill CelesteMaking a DifferenceOne MarketingFoundation at a TimeWritten with Love by C.K. Kochis Marketing is either a grand opportunity to be creative or it's a daunting task...

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Healthy Workday Tips

“We get so screen focused we lose track of time, lose track of good health habits, lose track of ergonomics and the lines blur between work time and non-work time every day until it’s a never-ending stream of always on." -Kat Tozier By Katt Tozier It’s been said that...

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