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Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine is a life enhancing publication inspiring readers to explore ways to harmonize the workplace, relationships, spirituality, and body movement. Health and wellness goes well beyond the food we consume to nourish our precious bodies.

Our contributing writers share their professional insights and wellness tools, pearls of wisdom based on life experiences, and healthy recipes.

February 2017

Issue 15 | May-June 2018

A car accident forever altered life for Sabrina Fritts. Discover why Sabrina left the corporate world and became a coach and healer. Through her intuitive gifts, she assists others in “lightening up” and bringing joy back into every day life.

We explore the importance of taking ownership of our day, the benefits of quality rest, making ourselves a priority, and we learn how a spring cleanse can help us feel better.

February 2017

Issue 14 | October-November 2017

It is my honor to share with you the October/November issue of #ElementsForAHealthierLife Magazine.

Dr. Ginny Baro has a natural gift of elevating women to see their fullest potential. Cindy spoke with Dr. Baro about what it means to be a fearless leader in the workplace and the C.A.R.E.S. system Dr. Baro developed from her experience as an executive leader.

We celebrate the beauty of our soul, embodying our fullness and understand ways we resist love. This is a powerful issue full of self-discovery, pearls of wisdom, stories of personal transformation and kitchen-warming, savory recipes.

February 2017

Issue 13 | August-September 2017

Get ready to live life in motion! We explore “When is the right moment to transform?” Change occurs with awareness. You’ll discover ten key principles of a heart-centered leader, learn what it means to be an ever-present pickpocket and how yoga shaped the life of a woman. CK Kochis shares how she is healing from the loss of her son and the inspiration she’s focused on for living life in motion. You’ll enjoy learning new ways to nourish your precious body with our delicious recipes, and much more.

February 2017

Issue 12 | April-May-June 2017

Welcome to the anniversary issue of Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine. It’s truly been a dream come true for me. I want to express my gratitude to those who sent their condolences and held my family in their prayers during the most difficult period of my life – the death of my first born son on April 10th. All the well-wishes took a lot of the pressure off of my need to publish the April and May issues.

Join me as I wander down memory lane for a jaunt and explore what’s next in this anniversary issue of Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine.

February 2017

Issue 11 | March 2017

Looking for love? Have a desire to experience the kind only you can give yourself? You’ll find it on the pages of this month’s issue of Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine. From getting support to following through on personal promises, to putting yourself first, to allowing love to flow internally. In my conversation with Natasha Botkin, we explore the essence of self-love, and allowing ourselves to honor and respect all aspects of who we are. This is the most powerful self-love issue yet!

February 2017

Issue 10 | February 2017

Are you following your heart or the recycled voices in your head? Inside the February issue of Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine we share our personal stories and pearls of wisdom of transformation. Reba Linker is featured on this month’s cover, during our interview we explore the concept of starting a heart centered business. Savor the recipes and learn about unboxing your kitchen.
January 2017

Issue 09 | January 2017

We embrace joy and change with grace in the first issue of 2017. Life brings us many opportunities to evolve and strengthen our heart connection. Enjoy my conversation with Debra Oakland, author of Change Your Movie Change Your Life. Grab your copy and explore the various elements for a healthier life and making choices to support a growing love of self. We hope you savor the recipes our contributor’s shared with us and learning about our new UnBox Your Kitchen cookbook series.

Issue 08 | December 2016

Welcome to the December issue. We are concluding this year with grace and celebrating the spirit of 2017. This month we are exploring the intentions of resolutions, the reasons we procrastinate, and revisiting holidays of yester-year. Grab this issue and read about various elements for a healthier life and making choices to support a growing love of self. We hope you enjoy making the recipes our writer’s shared with us. Our December cover is graced by Kate Clarke, Holistic Health Coach.

Issue 07 | November 2016

Katt Tozier, featured on the November cover, is Making a Difference One Indomitable Woman at a Time. Rachel Kieffer writes about one woman’s story of healing. Peggy Nolan offers tips to de-stress the holidays, Ruthie Lewis reminds us our feelings are real. We witness the seasons with Jen Flick. Natasha Botkin shares how we sense our guidance, and Reba Linker writes about loving life. Jenn Ryan helps us to keep the blues away. In the Kitchen, find delicious recipes to satisfy your hunger.

Issue 06 | October 2016

Jill Celeste is “Making a Difference One Marketing Foundation at a Time” & offers tips for overcoming market plan reluctance. Kat Tozier evolves her freedom to speak. Sheryl Cook shares her autoimmune journey. Jenn Ryan experience’s the flow of relationships. Rachel Kieffer offers better ways of eating. Joni Advent Mahr shares how sensual pleasure melts away stress, Tae Lynne shares the benefits of pool exercise, & Natasha Botkin restores energies with autumn. Healthy, seasonal recipes.

Issue 05 | September 2016

Making A Difference in September is Jenn Ryan’s story “Art as Therapy.” Reba Linker asks what size fits your needs. Rachel Kieffer shares a woman’s career choice as she faces pressure to lose weight. Eddie Mullins shares insight on listening to our voice. Natasha Botkin sheds light on how it feels to let love in, and Donna Genovese tells how she is healing from migraines. Kat Tozier wrote about yoga and the zen of canning. Enjoy the delicious recipes, including Tae Lynne’s Pumpkin Tea Bread.

Issue 04 | August 2016

Lisa Wamsley is ‘Making a Difference One Act of Self-Care at a Time’. Rica Lewis shares how she transformed procrastination with into action steps. Rachel Kieffer writes of one woman’s relationship with food, and Kat Tozier concludes her three-part series on power of yoga. Natasha Botkin takes us “into the woods”, and Kimberley Andrews tells us about her experience with oil of oregano. Eddie Mullins shares his insights and Sherry Lord explains the value of allowing relationships to evolve.

Issue 03 | July 2016

Tae Lynne, the Kindness Junkie, graces the cover of our July issue and Making A Difference series. Kat Tozier shares her journey with yoga, Kate Clarke simplifies the Buddha Bowl, Taunia May’s experience with an elimination diet, Reba Linker is tuning us into our hearts, Natasha Botkin takes us to the farmer’s market, Rachel Kieffer provides healthy travel tips, Lore Raymond is BBQ’ing social media, Patricia Young offer five ways love ourselves, and Peggy Nolan questions if she needs more blue.

Issue 02 | June 2016

Rachel Kieffer, a.k.a. the Health Nut Girl, graces the cover of the June issue of Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine and featured in our Making A Difference series. This month Reba Linker shares a warm mug of tea with us, Kat Tozier offers creative ways to be productive and the healing power of yoga, Natasha Botkin and Lore Raymond share childhood memories, and social media is on the grill. We have lots of wonderful recipes to share this month, including Tae Lynne’s Grilled Romaine.

Issue 01 | May 2016

Are you ready to discover how to live life in motion? Kat Tozier offers tips for a healthier workday, Natasha Botkin shares a special moment of a relationship, Lore Raymond lists ways to make traveling a spiritual practice, and C.K. Kochis takes us on her publishing adventure. Get ready to transform your situation, mind, body, and spirit through the exploration of the Elements For A Healthier Life. Health and wellness goes well beyond the food we consume to nourish our precious bodies.
CK Kochis

Meet the Writers

The contributing writers posses a special calling to share their pearls of wisdom, personal experiences and guide others on their journey of exploring the elements for a healthier life. We are the teachers, coaches, gurus, individuals with first-hand knowledge of what it feels like to be out of synch with life and immersed in true joy.

Our words have power. Your story matters.

Quote by Rachel Kieffer

“There’s a lot of times, that if our creativity is not expressed and if our talents are not used, we are going to go to food to compensate.”

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