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Cindy Kochis

On the Cover

When I Listened

Our story is our voice. We may not tell the story the same way twice; our emotional attachment changes over time. We forget details, the value of events adjusts, and over-embellish some aspects. It wasn’t until I started to sort out things on a deep level I realize I’ve been walking this journey since my childhood. I was curious. Was I the only member of our Institute For Integrative Nutrition graduating class to feel confused and unclear of… continue reading When I Listened

Are you ready to discover how to live life in motion? Kat Tozier offers tips for a healthier workday. Natasha Botkin shares a special moment of a relationship. Lore Raymond lists ways to make traveling a spiritual practice, and C.K. Kochis takes us on her publishing adventure. Get ready to transform your situation, mind, body, and spirit through the exploration of the Elements For A Healthier Life. Health and wellness goes well beyond the food we consume to nourish our precious bodies.

Publisher & Editor
Cynthia (C.K.) Kochis

Editorial Assistant
Christine Harwood

Contributing Writers
Natasha Botkin
C.K. Kochis
Tae Lynne
Lore Raymond
Kat Tozier

Cover Photograph
Sandie Hornak

Contributing Photographers
Joan Harwood
Cindy Kochis
Sandie Hornak
Tae Lynne


“I took my fear by the hand, eyes closed, head bowed, and I whispered, “I respect you, Fear. You are very powerful, and I honor your presence in my life right now. Walk with me, Fear.”

When I Listened
-C.K. Kochis

“We get so screen focused we lose track of time, lose track of good health habits, lose track of ergonomics and the lines blur between work time and non-work time every day until it’s a never-ending stream of always on.” 

-Kat Tozier

“Celebrating our love in the way that suited us best in that moment.“ 

-Natasha Botkin

“If you choose to wear rose-colored glasses, travel’s magic, mystery, and miracles might appear more often and synchronistically!” 

-Lore Raymond

Featured articles from this edition:

Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine May 2016 article

Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine was published as a digital magazine from May 2016 to the May/June 2018 issue. The program used to display the publication on the internet was used to design the layout. In converting the digital editions to pdf format, some of the layout elements changed and become misaligned. 


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