Our relationships bring us our greatest blessings as well as our greatest challenges. Enjoy these positive, heart-centered stories and articles ranging from family, intimate relationship and friendships. We share with you the pearls of wisdom we have learned on our journey.

A New Mindset For Healthy Aging

When it comes to the subject of aging in this society, there seems to be two very distinct ways of dealing with it: Not Me! - This approach completely denies the existence of aging... it may happen to other people but certainly not to them. They dye their hair, dress...

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Traversing Through Grief

I look in the mirror and most days I barely recognize myself. The eyes reflecting back at me are my father's; the same empty stare he had as his dementia transformed into Alzehiemer's. Lost, yet aware enough to know of what was going on. The mascara I wore daily is...

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