Our Mission

Elements For A Healthier Life offers a unique collaboration of nonfiction health and wellness articles, professional insights, personal stories of transformation and healthy, home-cooking recipes. Together we inspire you to fall in love with Self, feel their best and find balance in the five elements for a healthier life. The course of action is up to you.

We are committed to supporting, encouraging and educating our community by providing you with a place that is both heart-centered and informational.

“Life is an amazing adventure; it was never intended to be lived in gray-scale.” -Cindy Kochis

It’s About You

Life is about harmony and maintaining a sense of balance. What does that mean to you?

There’s an abundance of advice, lists of things you should do, how you should be to have live a balanced life.

Regardless how well you move through life and how you tend to your needs, we all find ourselves in a position we do not desire.

Each of us are granted unique experiences. What one person considers wonderful can be described as a nightmare to another. There is no right way; there is no wrong way.  It’s all about perception, belief, and what intuitively feels right for you. While exploring the elements for a healthier life, you cannot help but find the things that help you to feel better.

the Scenes

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