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UnBox Your Kitchen

Explore the Elements of Home Cooking

UnBox Your Kitchen

What are you serving your loved ones?

How much of what is in your kitchen is considered manufactured meals and desserts?

When you go to the grocery store, are you shopping the center aisles or are your purchases from around the outside perimeter?

Do you want to feel and look healthier?

When you unbox your kitchen, you will discover how certain foods impacts our sleep, skin condition, sex, mood, weight, organ function, blood sugar level, breathing, and much more. It is not a diet or the next eating fad. How we chose to nourish our precious bodies is decision. 

When is the last time you read the ingredient label of a food product before placing it in your cart? 

What if you make it from scratch in your kitchen?

Do you feel you'd make it healthier and with less processed ingredients?

UnBox Your Kitchen Recipes

The secret ingredient!

One of the greatest treasures we can share with our children, grandchildren, and loved ones is time. Taking the time to prepare a meal or bake cookies grants the opportunity to be present with those you're sharing the kitchen space. Some of the best conversations happen in the kitchen. The love that is felt fortifies the food and becomes the secret ingredient that makes everything taste better. 

"You learn a lot about someone when you share a meal together."
- Anthony Bourdain

Family cooking a meal
CK Kochis, Publisher of Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine

The Adventure of UnBoxing

One of the reasons I became an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach was to help individuals to explore the elements for a healthier life. The more aware we are of what we eat, the better the food choices we make and the better we feel.

When I worked in a corporate office, the women in their twenties believed they were making nutritious food choices. Most of them did not know how to cook chicken, make brownies from scratch, or attempt to cook mashed potatoes. I was astounded. They did not know, what I consider, basic kitchen techniques and cooking skills. My mission to inform people with basic kitchen instruction on how to cook homemade meals and desserts.

Unknowingly, the UnBox Your Kitchen adventure has been incubating for years. I was motivated to become a health coach for two reasons. First – I wanted to understand why I was developing food allergies at an alarming rate and how I could help others living with similar issues. Secondly, I was astounded at the number of people who had no idea how to prepare what I consider a healthy meal. Health coaching comes easily, as I possess a natural gift for teaching; I work to meet folks where they are, moving at their pace. I am a Jackie-of-many-trades and love to assist people with things such as maneuvering through [read more]

The more aware we are of what we eat, the better food choices we make and the better we feel.

"The kitchen is where friends and family come together for good food and conversations that nourish the soul." ~ CK Kochis

Who doesn't love to share their favorite recipes?

To share a recipe is to extend a comforting hug to someone. It is the act of sharing the joys of living. We all enjoy eating good food. Why not pass along your favorite recipe to someone who just may need what you have to serve?

Share with our audience your…

…personal stories of transforming your eating habits from unhealthy to healthier.
…professional insights (great opportunity for fellow health coaches, chefs and health care professionals).
…helpful kitchen tips that saved you time, getting your family to explore a healthier way of eating and etc.

Do you enjoy cooking and baking from scratch? SUBMIT your recipe or article.



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Join us and connect with others who also enjoy preparing home cooked meals.

UnBox Your Kitchen


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