It’s time to make yourself a priority.

Life is an amazing adventure.

Life Was Never Intended To Be
Lived In Gray-Scale!

Are you craving the courage and inner strength to explore what is beyond the self-limiting beliefs, soul-draining routine and exhausting stagnation?

It’s time to get off the teeter totter of indecision and experience balance in our relationships, at the workplace, body movement, spirituality and ways to better nourish your precious body.

This is a growing community of heart-centered individuals leading by experience. You’re not alone on the journey of transformation.

Pearls of Wisdom

Elements For A Healthier Life is a life enhancing lifestyle and wellness community dedicated to sharing professional insights, wellness tools and first-person stories of transformation.

Throughout this community you will be inspired by health, life and business coaches, and people who have journeyed through adversity. Our intention is to share our pearls of wisdom as a guide so you, too, can experience balance in your workplace, relationships, body movement, spirituality and in the kitchen.

Making A Difference

Cindy is a writer; it’s what she does. She utilizes her Integrative Nutrition Health Coach education to guide women at the edge of awareness to ignite self-love through the power of their words. Cindy is providing a platform for coaches and leaders to share pearls of wisdom and professional insights. 
C.K. Kochis

Founder & Publisher

Certified nutrition and health coach. Rachel has worked with thousands of clients to transform their health and lives through her private consultation programs, workshops, women’s groups and writing. 
Certified by the Institute For Integrative Nutrition and the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP)

Rachel Kieffer

The Health Nut Girl

Master Teacher & Intuitive Behavioral Energy Healer, is a #1 international bestselling author and Shiny Gold Star Quest creator. As a Dark Heart Teacher, she uses healing soul psychology energies when working with youth and adults by releasing patterns and blocks to help them empower themselves.

Natasha Botkin

Magical Blessings Healing Center

Living In Alignment

  Making A Difference An Interview with Sabrina Fritts Written by CK Kochis A roll-over “accident” was the wake-up call Sabrina Fritts needed to see that there was more to life than a merry-go-round of obligations. During the workweek, her attention was focused...

A Life Without Judgment

A Life Without Judgment

Written By Barb Parcells I was watching a YouTube interview the other day featuring psychologist, author and Coach Dr. Robert Holden. During the interview, he asked the viewers to answer this question: “What would my life feel like if I didn’t judge?” What a powerful...

Issue 15 | May/June 2018

Issue 15 | May/June 2018

May/June 2018 Issue 15Inside This Issue A car accident forever altered life for Sabrina Fritts. Discover why Sabrina left the corporate world and became a coach and healer. Through her intuitive gifts, she assists others in “lightening up” and bringing joy back into...

There’s Grand Wisdom Weaved Within Our Stories

Something beautiful naturally occurs when we share our experiences. A community evolves.

The sense of unity draws people together to help those who seek guidance. And, our true essence of Self feels guided to assist those who are going through situations and events we have once journeyed.

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