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Elements For A Healthier Life

Your journey begins with awareness of Self

How do you feel?

We often say fine when we do not want to explain how or why we feel what we feel. The real question to ask yourself is, how are you emotionally, physically, and energetically feeling?

Relationships, body movement, workplace, spirituality, and the foods we eat to nourish our precious bodies influence our emotions, energy, and how our body feels.

Aligning with our natural self
Lifestyle & wellness coaching services

The Choice is Yours

Are you at the cross-roads of indecision? There comes a point in our lives when we decide to make the hard decisions and take actions steps to change our course of direction to experience a healthier, balanced life that we create for Self. Ask yourself:

What feels out of balance?

What do I want?

Where do I want to begin?

The moment we choose to explore the elements for a healthier life, we nurture our creative soul on a deeper level. The attention we have spent a lifetime giving to others shifts to focusing on Self. This exploration is not a selfish journey; it is self-care and loving to the beautiful woman we see in the mirror.

The choice is up to you.

Elements for a Healthier Life

Each of us is intuitive. When we take the time to connect with Self, the true nature of you, miracles happen. We hear, know in our gut, our answers. Often we do not want to hear the answers from our internal compass. Why? It's easier to ignore or put the insight off to another day because it usually means lifestyle changes and being dedicated to our needs. When is the last time you put what you intuitively know is the best for you ahead of what others think, expect, or insist?
Going for walk is a body movement
UnBox Your Kitchen
Woman relaxing and drinking tea

I'm Listening

Hello. I'm Cindy Kochis, a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, the founder of Elements for a Healthier Life, and publisher of Elements of a Healthier Life Magazine.

I believe our relationships, workplace, body movement (not just exercise), spirituality (connection with Self), and how we nourish our precious bodies are connected. If we are energetically, physically, or emotionally unbalanced in one area, it influences the others.

Your journey to wellness begins with awareness.

As the host of Pen to Paper Press Podcast, the number one topic that comes up in conversations with authors and creative souls is imposter syndrome.

Imposter syndrome is the sense that we are not good enough, what we do is not worthy or necessary, and other beliefs that hold us back from accomplishing what it is we set out to do. It is the little voice in our head that holds us back from pursuing our dreams and a healthier lifestyle.

When you are ready, I'm here to guide you on your journey.

CK Kochis

Pearl of Wisdom

"If thoughts are the vocabulary of the brain and feelings are the vocabulary of the body, and the cycle of how you think and feel becomes your state of being, then your entire state of being is in the past."
-Dr. Joe Dispeza, quote from Becoming Supernatural

Read Elements For A Healthier Life

Wellness Digital Magazine

In 2015, a life enhancing lifestyle and wellness community dedicated to sharing professional insights, wellness tools and first-person stories of transformation filled the pages of this website.

The first issues of Elements for a Healthier Life Magazine published in May 2016, with the fifteenth (and final) edition reaching readers in May 2018. The magazine issues have been archived to share the timeless, insightful articles and delicious recipes submitted by a collaboration of writers and coaches.

Elements for a Healthier Life Magazine May 2016 Cover
Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine December 2016
Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine January 2017
Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine May-June 2018

The Archives

Access the digital magazine issues.
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UnBox Your Kitchen

UnBox Your Kitchen

When is the last time you prepared a home-cooked meal or baked from scratch?

The image on the box looks delicious. Your mouth waters just thinking of how it is going to taste for dinner. But, did you read the ingredient label on the manufactured food products before dropping it into your grocery cart? Can you pronounce most of the chemicals used to preserve freshness and prevent the powders from clumping?

Discover the joys of home-cooked meals with our easy-to-prepare recipes.

To unbox your kitchen is not a diet or fad. It is a lifestyle.

How we choose to nourish our precious bodies impacts our skin, mood, and how we feel physically.

What we put on our fork is our choice.

Guilt-Free Chocolate Pudding
Black Bean & Corn Salad
Kombucha Rose
Turkey Egg Cups
What would you like to prepare?
Beverages | Breakfast | Desserts | Mealtime | Soup
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