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Get ready to live life in motion! We explore “When is the right moment to transform?” Change occurs with awareness. You’ll discover ten key principles of a heart-centered leader, learn what it means to be an ever-present pickpocket and how yoga shaped the life of a woman. CK Kochis shares how she is healing from the loss of her son and the inspiration she’s focused on for living life in motion. You’ll enjoy learning new ways to nourish your precious body with our delicious recipes, and much, much more.

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Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine is a life enhancing, health wellness magazine dedicated to sharing first-person stories of transformation, wellness tools, professional insights and delicious recipes. It features articles about the workplace, relationships, body movement, spirituality, in the kitchen...and much more. It’s a guide for people who are ready to transform their lives, mind, body, and spirit, through the exploration of the elements for a healthier life. Health and wellness goes well beyond the food we consume to nourish our precious bodies.

Notification of Change:

Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine has changed from publishing on the 22nd of each month to publishing BI-MONTHLY on the 22nd of the even numbered months.

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A mother's heart is not designed to bury their children. I, C.K. Kochis, have decided it is in my best interest to focus what precious energy I have on my family. In doing so, I have adjusted the publication date of #ElementsForAHealthierLifeMagazine.

The grieving process is uniquely different from one person to another. Read Grief - That Bitch is Now a Close Friend and Dancing on the Ledge for insight on how CK Kochis is living life in motion.

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