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"We can definitely get into that paralysis of not knowing what to do. Stagnation is toxic to the soul. Stagnation happens when we become so paralyzed by too many options, fears or anxiety. Whatever the story is that we're not moving forward." -Sabrina Fritts

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We have the power to change our own personal situation when life feels chaotic and overwhelming. It’s up to us to connect with the things that entice inspiration and explore the joy in the moment to experience what it means to lighten up.

A roll-over “accident” was the wake-up call Sabrina Fritts needed to see that there was more to life than a merry-go-round of obligations. During the workweek, her attention was focused on raising three children, working a corporate job,and assisting her husband in expanding his business. On the weekends she tended household chores, ran weekly errands and packed in as much quality-time, as she could, with her family.

Feeling drained and having little to no energy to enjoy the simple things, Sabrina knew she was not meant to live the stress-intense rinse-and-repeat routine she found herself experiencing. It was as if she was trying to prove herself worthy of living the typical lifestyle that she felt was expected of her. After proclaiming there has to be more to life than this, everything literally flipped in February 2004.

Sabrina was driving on the highway in the mountains with her two daughters in the car when a merging vehicle caused them to endure a horrific rollover car accident. Miraculously, the vehicle landed on all four tires and the three of them walked away virtually uninjured. She knew angels protected her family.

Several weeks after the accident, Sabrina attended a metaphysical event where she listened to a woman on stage capable of sharing messages from angels. Sabrina felt guided to speak to this woman and find out what the messages Sabrina’s angels had for her. The woman informed her that while the car was rolling, “You were given a list of sixteen things to do before you go ‘back’.”

“When I heard that, I initially thought, shoot,” Sabrina said. “I'm already overworked, overwhelmed, stressed out and now God is giving me a list of things to do. How dare he reject me and solidify my upbringing of not being good enough to get into heaven.” The information she received excited, and upset, her. The angel messenger shared with Sabrina eight items on the list with the rest to be delivered (in years to come) as she was ready.

One of the angel messages that enticed Sabrina, and transformed her typical lifestyle into one that was atypical, was said in one word re-connection. Unaware of what the message meant, she began researching, and learned, “Basically, align your physical being to the planetary energies as well as the universal field.” Motivated to help others find joy, she learned how to facilitate energy healings and became an intuitive life coach.

Sabrina shared, “I think we all have a natural gift. When I had this particular work done, I thought it was great. My life started changing. I thought I would be good with that. I never ever imagined doing it. I dismissed my intuitive messages to do this work. What I needed was to get into that space to see that Hey, I can do this. I can access energy, information, frequencies that bring about the releasing of old resistance and wounds and allows a person to align to that higher vibrational field. I believe everyone has this aspect.”

“When we clear out the resistance, I believe we all have an ability to access energy. What I do is allow people to experience it for themselves. To come into alignment with their own innate abilities to help others. When we work with others, we are helping ourselves.”

Often, we are not living in alignment with our dreams. We haven't allowed ourselves to express our deepest desires. This is mainly due to the tendency (particularly as women) to focus much of our time and energy outside of ourselves. Instead of listening to our own, inner knowing, we prioritize the needs of others first; often neglecting ourselves. “When I'm working with somebody, my goal is to help them make their unfulfilled desires a priority.” “That’s my goal” Sabrina shared.

What is it that people desire? When Sabrina works with a client, she helps them move through any resistance they’ve built within themselves and to illuminate what it is they desire. “That’s the a missing link for so many people. When I ask what is it you want, they tend to look at me like a deer in the headlights.”

There’s a fair number of people in our society that do not know what to say when asked about their desires or are simply afraid to admit their aspirations. Indecision is another reason. Individuals get caught up in the overwhelming sense of wants. Such as, I want to own a business, make a million dollars, travel the world, have a farm. There are all of these different options and you try to choose only one, it’s easy to get caught up in the what if’s.

“We can definitely get into that paralysis of not knowing what to do,” Sabrina said. “Stagnation is toxic to the soul. Stagnation happens when we become so paralyzed by too many options, fears or anxiety. Whatever the story is that we're not moving forward. We become that hamster on the wheel.

We're showing up everyday and doing the same thing over and over again. We're not going to make any waves. We’re not going to worry about disrupting the routine. When we don’t do that, we have that surface level happiness. We’re not tapping into the greatest amount of joy we can experience. We’re also not allowing our soul’s full potential that we came here with.”

In a state of indecision, there is no personal growth or expansion. The act of taking a step to the left can alter perspective and how to view a situation. If you are fine with how your life is right now, keep doing what you’re doing.

We are capable of making a conscious shift to experiencing a different way of life by overthinking and regurgitating self-sabotaging phrases. Learning to recognize when we have those thoughts is key. At times like this, we are not actually in our bodies. One way to look at it is that these self-sabotaging phrases are not from us, they are from outside of ourselves. They are an amalgam of words we kept in the periphery of our mind over the years from our life experience. They are like comic strip thought bubbles of things that parents, teachers, bosses, ex-partners and friends have said to us. When we find ourselves in the midst of self-sabotage, it is good practice to recognize that we can end it. We can literally step back into our own body, and into our own thoughts, and step into our own, inner-knowing.

One element for a healthier life is that we came here to explore, to get dirty, to step onto the playground we call life, and to ask ourselves, “What brings me joy?” This can be a difficult question to answer. It’s easy to get conditioned to ‘our story’. We allow what others are doing and saying to interfere with our own wants. This leads us to experiencing similar vibrational energies as our friends and family, our boss and complete strangers. We stop not paying attention to all those shared stories and somehow end up submerged in a victim-type vibration which can make life feels unbearable.

When Sabrina started to feel her emotions and allow them to guide her, she experienced joy. “I believe it’s important for us to go with the flow. And, sometimes that flow becomes a class five rapid out of nowhere… and we might even wonder, am I going to be ejected?”

The intention is not to lose balance during the turbulent times. “This is one of the things that I do in my life and how I’ve helped others. If you remember, and I’m dating myself, those Bozo the Clown punching bags, when you punch it it would tip over and pop back up. We are like that Bozo the Clown punching bag, the universe is going to come to us and we're going to get an unexpected hit out of nowhere. We’re going to get knocked over. The question becomes how quickly can we get back up into our own alignment?”

“Shift happens. We can take those times where it’s ugly and not necessarily pleasant and turn it around more quickly. We can find the joy in the uncomfortable situations.”

Sabrina feels we came to this playground, our life experience, to play and to be joyful. Before the rollover, she did her best to crunch in quality time with her children and get all the errands run to support the household for the upcoming week. Her weekends were just as chaotic as the work-week. She wasn’t getting any rest or relaxation. “It moved from a place where I had to get all that stuff done to go play, to let’s play and have fun because everything gets done. When we play and have fun first, everything gets done because we are in a more joyful state. We are able to receive information we didn’t have access to before because we close off and disconnect from the information; focused on the next item on our to-do list. We are not allowing because we are focused on what we have to do.” This concept is easier to live than what we’ve been trained, which is to exchange time for money. The work hard, play later mentality can contribute to the sensation of feeling stagnation and unfulfillment on our life’s path.

“I feel like one of the ways I make a difference is by sharing my shit. By being a storyteller and not being afraid to bear what I've gone through to get me to this place of where I feel more confident in my life and in making my decisions moving forward. Helping people realize that they can do that, too. They can align, connect and make those decisions and move forward with that kind of confidence.”

The programs that Sabrina offers are beneficial to anyone wherever they are on their life journey. The four month online program she is releasing in May - Lighten Up - is specifically designed for individuals that are uncertain of the how to achieve their dreams. “Join with the intention that you are going to align to whatever your desire is during our time together. The program will build upon itself and allow attendees to integrate it; that seems to be the missing link in many programs. We hear all this wonderful information, yet it’s actually grounding and integrating it into every cell of our being that makes the difference.”

It’s important to live our life, however we define it, in a manner that brings us joy. When we feel our connection with Self and spirit, we create a ripple effect.

Sabrina Fritts offers Living in Alignment Mentoring that assists others in moving from where they are to where they want to be. Sabrina offers playshops and classes on authenticity, Art of Feminine Presence, and living in alignment. Explore her website at SabrinaFritts.com and start sharing YOU with the World!

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Cindy (C.K.) Kochis is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach who transformed her coaching practice as the foundation of Elements For A Healthier Life. She is providing a community space for people to share their personal stories, professional knowledge and healthy eating options. Cindy is a coach, virtual assistant, author, grandmother and sassy redhead. She self-published “Get A Compass Not A Clock” and “Unleash Your Inner Story”. For more information about Cindy’s services, please visit ckkochis.com.


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  1. Beautiful story! Such an important message to share with the world! Thanks so much for bringing it to light!

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