May/June 2018


Living In Alignment

…an interview with Sabrina Fritts

“We can definitely get into that paralysis of not knowing what to do,” Sabrina said. “Stagnation is toxic to the soul. Stagnation happens when we become so paralyzed by too many options, fears or anxiety. Whatever the story is that we’re not moving forward..”     [Read Cover Article]

“…it may seem counter-productive – even counter-intuitive – to rest in the midst of an important task, personal emergency or natural disaster.”
Rest For The Weary;
7 Important Benefits of Rest
by Susan Wilking Horan

“While anytime is a good time to make healthy changes, energetically, spring is a powerful season to shed old patterns and behaviors, and adopt a healthier lifestyle.”
Spring Renewal
By Rachel Kiefferr

“Standing at the base of the tower, I placed my hands on the cement wall and closed my eyes.”
Morning With The Light
By Barb Parcells

“Prana is life force energy. ‘Pra’ means first and ‘na’ is the most basic unit of energy, therefore practicing pranayama is to expand your life force energy with control.”
by Sarah Wall
From Pranayama To Pratyahara
By Susan Wall

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