Katt Tozier, featured on the November cover, is Making a Difference One Indomitable Woman at a Time. Rachel Kieffer writes about one woman’s story of healing. Peggy Nolan offers tips to de-stress the holidays, Ruthie Lewis reminds us our feelings are real. We witness the seasons with Jen Flick. Natasha Botkin shares how we sense our guidance, and Reba Linker writes about loving life. Jenn Ryan helps us to keep the blues away. In the Kitchen, find delicious recipes to satisfy your hunger.

Cover Story

Making a Difference
One Indomitable Woman at a Time with Katt Tozier
by C.K. Kochis on page 14

“The difference is that I don’t have YOUR answers; you do.”
-Katt Tozier

Quotables From This Issue

“Flora’s situation with her children was particularly difficult to change.
She saw herself as a “good mother” and saying no
to her children’s demanding needs was…”
-Rachel Kieffer

“Life is in constant metamorphosis. In order to grow we much
honor each of our seasons, and flow with the cycles of change.”
-Jen Flick

“Of course, none of us want pain, but if you want the fullnessof
joy and true healing and well-being, you can only experience
it when you feel all the feelings to their depth.”
-Ruthie Lewis

“Many women dread holiday meals or regard them with guilt;
but the holidays do not have to mean a departure from health.”
-Rachel Kieffer

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