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Jill Celeste

On the Cover

Making a Difference

One Marketing Foundation at a Time

Marketing is either a grand opportunity to be creative or it's a daunting task that gets put off until another day. For many new and well established entrepreneurs, it's the latter. They see the value in it, but question if they are doing it right or if they know what to do.

Fear tends to halt the necessary action steps in various aspects of our lives. Fear has the capability to turn a priority list into an I'll-do-it another-day list that we attempt to forget. Ironically, the encouragement to do the daunting task never goes away. It simply looms in... continue reading

Jill Celeste is “Making a Difference One Marketing Foundation at a Time” & offers tips for overcoming market plan reluctance. Kat Tozier evolves her freedom to speak. Sheryl Cook shares her autoimmune journey. Jenn Ryan experiences the flow of relationships. Rachel Kieffer offers better ways of eating. Joni Advent Mahr shares how sensual pleasure melts away stress, Tae Lynne shares the benefits of pool exercise, & Natasha Botkin restores energies with autumn. Healthy, seasonal recipes.

Publisher & Editor
Cynthia (C.K.) Kochis

Editorial Assistant
Jenn Ryan

Joni Advent Mahr
Eliza Blue
Natasha Botkin
Sheryl Cook
Rachel Kieffer
C.K. Kochis
Reba Linker
Peggy Nolan
Jenn Ryan
Kat Tozier

Cover Photograph
Jaimi Weatherspoon
Essentia ~ Special Moments

Contributing Photographers
Jill Celeste
Sheryl Cook
Rachel Kieffer
C.K. Kochis
Peggy Nolan
Jessica Ryan


“Everything you do in marketing is about your ideal
client. People love to buy, but they hate to be 'sold' to.”
-Jill Celeste

"Autoimmune health is a journey, and life will continue to
happen, no matter what’s happening with your health."
-Sheryl Cook

"For many of us with these painful chronic conditions,
weight-lifting, aerobics and even walking are impossible."
-Tae Lynne

"Sometimes, we let life get so ‘busy’ that
we forget about the simple pleasure of knowing ourselves well
enough to know what we need when we need it."
-Jenn Ryan

"They provide your body with what you need to
function optimally with the weather of the season."
-Rachel Kieffer

Featured articles from this edition:

Making a Difference One Marketing Foundation at a Time - October 2017 cover article

Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine was published as a digital magazine from May 2016 to the May/June 2018 issue. The program used to display the publication on the internet was used to design the layout. In converting the digital editions to pdf format, some of the layout elements changed and become misaligned. 


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