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Debra Oakland

On the Cover

Making a Difference

In Life, Be the Director of Your Own Movie

“I've been writing my whole life,” Debra said, “and putting it under the bed and hiding it. I didn't think of myself as a “writer”. I didn't think I had it in me. After I went through all of the loss that I went through, and after I came through the other side of it, I said, 'You know, I've always wanted to be a writer. I have nothing to lose. The worst I could ever imagine has happened. I'm going to do this.’” Debra added, “My book had to come out. I could not not write it,”

When the title Change Your Movie, Change Your Life surfaced from Debra’s intuition, she sat with the information, and thought... continue reading

We embrace joy and change with grace in the first issue of 2017. Life brings us many opportunities to evolve and strengthen our heart connection. Enjoy my conversation with Debra Oakland, author of Change Your Movie Change Your Life. Grab your copy and explore the various elements for a healthier life and making choices to support a growing love of self. We hope you savor the recipes our contributors shared with us and learning about our new UnBox Your Kitchen cookbook series. 

Publisher & Editor
Cynthia (C.K.) Kochis

Editorial Assistant
Jenn Ryan

Natasha Botkin
Jen Flick
Rachel Kieffer
C.K. Kochis
Ruthie Lewis
Reba Linker
Debra Oakland
Barb Parcells
Jenn Ryan
Patricia Young

Cover Photograph
Gillian Crane

Contributing Photographers
Gillian Crane
Rachel Kieffer
C.K. Kochis
Coady Oakland
Debra Oakland


If you want to learn about patience and yourself, and about plans being changed - try and write a book.”
-Debra Oakland

“She taught the whole group, the doctor and me very valuable lessons by sharing her journey.”
-Rachel Kieffer

“I have come to believe that our breath is a miracle and a much neglected tool of the soul.”
-Ruthie Lewis

"...I give you full permission to tank the resolution....”
-Jen Flick

 "It is a place of visionaries, mystics and prophecy."
-Barb Parcells

"We can see the full expression of joy when we take a look at the children around us."
-Patricia Young

Featured articles from this edition:

Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine January cover article

Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine was published as a digital magazine from May 2016 to the May/June 2018 issue. The program used to display the publication on the internet was used to design the layout. In converting the digital editions to pdf format, some of the layout elements changed and become misaligned. 


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