Issue 02 | June 2016

Rachel Kieffer, a.k.a. the Health Nut Girl, graces the cover of the June issue of Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine and featured in our Making A Difference series. This month Reba Linker shares a warm mug of tea with us, Kat Tozier offers creative ways to be productive and the healing power of yoga, Natasha Botkin and Lore Raymond share childhood memories, and social media is on the grill. We have lots of wonderful recipes to share this month, including Tae Lynne’s Grilled Romaine.

A Welcome Note

I had a different set of plans for this morning. It was my hope to run two tanks of gas through my chainsaw. It’s the middle of June and I am behind on cutting firewood to burn this winter. But, it is raining.

Rachel Kieffer said a phrase during our interview for the Making A Difference story that has echoed in my mind since the words rolled off her tongue. “If I really love myself, would I do that?” I have a choice.

Our stories have great power. The wide range of voices shared within the pages of Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine are the spice, the life, of this magazine. We all have stories. It is the breath we exhale; the next moment is what we inhale.

Our experiences, and the dreams we hold dear within, crave to be shared, not just heard. This month Reba Linker shares with a hot mug of tea.

Kat Tozier helps us understand the healing power of yoga and creative ways to be productive in the office. Both Natasha Botkin and Lore Raymond share stories from their childhood.

I shall spend this rainy day tidying up my article on the Health Nut Girl, editing my web of words in the other articles I’ve written, and continue to count my blessings for the wonderful people who are supporting me on this adventure
as a publisher.

We tell the tales to help, inspire, warn, teach, and reminisce. So if you are tempted, yet hesitant to click the submit button, my only advice to you is: follow your intuition. Allow the story to lead you where it needs to take you. When you do this, it will not only help you, it will inspire others. Isn’t that why we write? Because, you know, rain happens.

Publisher & Editor
Cynthia (C.K.) Kochis

Editorial Assistant
Christine Harwood

Contributing Writers
Natasha Botkin
Joan Harwood
C.K. Kochis
Reba Linker
Tae Lynne
Lore Raymond
Kat Tozier

Cover Photograph
Izzy Kieffer

Contributing Photographers
Joan Harwood
Izzy Kieffer
Rachel Kieffer
C.K. Kochis
Adam Linker
Reba Linker
Tae Lynne

On the Cover

Making a Difference

One Healthy Choice at a Time with Rachel Kieffer

When do women place themselves on their priority list? Is there a love of self? What are the feelings women have about body-image? These are the three common concerns Rachel Kieffer, certified holistic nutrition and health coach, hears from women all over the world.
I am blessed to call Rachel a dear friend. I have been following her, the Health Nut Girl, on social media for years. She is part of the reason I registered with the…

Professional Insights & Personal Stories of Transformation

Making a Difference – One Healthy Choice at a Time

“There's a lot of times, that if our creativity is not expressed and if our talents are not used, we are going to go to food to compensate.” - Rachel Kieffer When do women place themselves on their priority list? Is there a love of self? What are the feelings women...

read more

Moment of Zen

Some meditate, and others journal, while outdoor enthusiests find themselves slipping their kayak into the water ten to fifteen minutes before sunrise. Few things sooth the heart, mind, and body, than sipping tea from a thermos as the sun crests the eastern horizon.

In Her Words...

Listen to Rachel’s story from her youth and how she immersed herself into the world of helping people through nutrition and educating customers in her parent’s store.

Learn helpful information about her 7-day cleanse, how flexible it is to follow. Which common threads she sees in women all around the world.

Rachel shares why she enjoys going to the farmer’s markets and open markets. She offers her recommendations for making a green smoothie.


“…because when you are motivated by self love, there’s nothing you wouldn’t do to take care of yourself. There’s no effort you wouldn’t take.” -Rachel Kieffer

“It just doesn’t make sense to me to do several things in a mediocre way, wear yourself out and do nothing excellently.” -Katt Tozier

In Gratitude

The sun will set tonight and I will know I’ve done my best.

My story doesn’t end on this page. Tomorrow is a new gift for me to explore, and I have June’s issue to plan. I started the leg-work of creating a unique newsletter in March, and was inspired to create a digital magazine. Fear won a couple of months ago; not in May. Tonight I am sitting in a recliner with my laptop between me and the race on television. I am finally taking a break since a week ago Wednesday when I held my breath and hit the enter key to publicly announce I was starting this magazine. Yes, I did this in less than two weeks. I’m curious to see what I can accomplish when I have a full month to work on the next issue. However, on Monday I plan to do the dishes, vacuum the floors, and mow my lawn.

Here’s eight things I learned: one, I cannot do it all; two, it’s important to take the time to go for a walk in the woods; three, the dishes can wait; four, I have one hell of a supportive tribe; five, working on two laptops at the same time equals lots of active internet tabs; six, what my time-wasters are; seven, I can survive without social media for a couple of days (who knew it was possible!); eight, I AM DOING THIS!

At the end of the day, we may perceive life differently, but we all look to the elements for a healthier life.

Life is an amazing adventure; it was never meant to be lived in gray-scale.

Together we are inspiring a supportive community, a tribe of women, with a desire to change the world starting with Self. Generation after generation we learn from each other through our experiences and stories. Elements For A Healthier Life is a life enhancing website encouraging readers to explore ways to balance the work place, relationships, spirituality and body movement – health and wellness goes beyond the food we eat.
Interested in writing for Elements For A Healthier Life? Please visit the Become A Contributor to submit your articles, stories, and recipes.

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