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Is it Time to Barbecue Some Sacred Cows of Social Media?

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“Consider this philosophy, “To barbecue is a way of life rather than a desirable method of cooking"."
-Lorraine Raymond

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By Lorraine Monique “Lore” Raymond

While you might think that happiness is barbecue, friends, and a backyard, it might also be time to turn up the heat on some sacred cows as they make great BBQ. What are some of the ‘sacred cows’ of social media? Why are they there? And should they be challenged by a non-grill master like me? I’m no social media expert. Like many, I am trying to grow my business. (On occasion, I have been called a ‘top chef’ by friends and family.) So, I’m rounding up just a few sacred cows I’ve encountered that are lounging around, unchallenged in the fields of social media. I’m taking them to the barn to see if they’re fact or fiction - or both. And you will ultimately decide the truth for yourself, and which ones to barbecue or not.

So put on your apron, grab a soda, beer, or glass of wine, and let’s start grilling! The intention is to consider these three new BBQ rules for your business including: Fire up the grill; Kiss the cook; and My grill, my rules.

Sacred Cow #1: Social media is your primary path to success.

Consider this philosophy, “To barbecue is a way of life rather than a desirable method of cooking.” This comes from Clement Freud, grandson of psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud and one of Britain’s first “celebrity chefs.” So have you made social media a primary way of life? Are you happy with this choice? Do you know how many hours of screen time you take? Or like many BBQ-ing friends, are you choosing different paths and making choices about what works best for you and creating a happier balance of work and play?

Fire up your grill and decide what is really working and not working with your social media - and most of all, do what makes you happy.

Sacred Cow #2: Social media suggests that you must invest money to make money while learning the secrets of marketing mavens and gurus.

There’s a tsunami of free and paid offerings from every corner of the world. They seem to all promise change, success, and happiness, which includes guarantees of more money, more clients, and more fame. Oh, if this were only true! I’ve heard from many friends at the ‘picnic’ and sadly, it is not. A savvy marketing friend recently pointed out that he’d learned some of his “gurus” weren’t even able to pay their rent, yet were selling high-end packages.

Consider listening more to your inner whispers or what some call intuition (or gut feelings). Follow your gut feeling for the next steps. That’s not to say a mentor or teacher can’t compliment and reinforce your goals and dreams. At the same time, the reliance only on others to help you move forward could be problematic. Your dependence could weaken your creative and independent spirit.

Kiss the cook and be sure it’s someone you know and respect with a proven track record before investing thousands of dollars.

Sacred Cow #3: Social media courts you into thinking that ‘to be enough and have enough’ you must know, use, and understand many tools.

Yikes! Yes, I have two Masters - one in human resources, one in education - yet some days, I’d rather retype my thesis using just one finger on a Corona Smith typewriter instead of learning the intricacies while keeping track of the log-in name and passwords for a dozen+ social media accounts. You know what mega-social media grocery store I’m referring to: Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Skype, Blab, Periscope, Gmail, Yahoo, Google+, and the list of choices goes on… This doesn’t include your website, blog, or Facebook pages that are fan, group and secret group pages - and don’t forget the dozens of groups you’ve joined.

My grill, my rules. Take time to reexamine your personal and professional mission and vision statements. Then write a social media list of where you are spending your time, talent, and treasure. What can go? What can stay? This will help you decide on the rules to now follow.

“Grilling, broiling, barbecuing - whatever you want to call it - is an art, not just a matter of building a pyre and throwing on a piece of meat as a sacrifice to the gods of the stomach.”

-James Beard, international chef, author, and champion of America cuisine.
Likewise, fearlessly barbecuing some sacred cows of social media is an art - and it might not be something to attempt. Remember, if you can’t stand the heat, don’t step near the BBQ grill with the fires of possible criticism and judgment.
Good eatin’! Now please pass the coleslaw and potato salad.

Stay tuned for Part 2 in July: Is It Time To Barbecue Some MORE Sacred Cows of Social Media?

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Lorraine “Lore” Raymond founded Women as Visionaries, Women as Visionaries with Lore Raymond, and Divine Dialogue Writing System. A Peruvian shaman bestowed the title of chacaruna - bridge person - challenging her to help connect people to their authentic power and messages. She serves as a heart-centered visionary, spiritual tour guide, and transformational author. Five books are set for publication in 2016. Leading Vision Quests is another passion. Explore more at www.LoreRaymond.com.

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