December 2016

Issue 10 | February 2017

Are you following your heart or the recycled voices in your head? Inside the February issue of Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine we share our personal stories and pearls of wisdom of transformation. Reba Linker is featured on this month’s cover, during our interview we explore the concept of starting a heart centered business. Savor the recipes and learn about unboxing your kitchen.

Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine was published as a digital magazine from May 2016 to the May/June 2018 issue. The program used to display the publication on the internet was used to design the layout. In converting the digital editions to .pdf format, some of the layout elements were altered and misaligned. 

Publisher & Editor
Cynthia (C.K.) Kochis

Editorial Assistant
Jenn Ryan

Natasha Botkin
Rachel Kieffer
C.K. Kochis
Ruthie Lewis
Debra Oakland
Barb Parcells
Jenn Ryan
Patricia Young

Cover Photograph
Carolina Strada,
Carolina Strada Photography

Contributing Photographers
Rachel Kieffer
C.K. Kochis
Carolina Strada

August 2016

A Heart vs. Heart Centered Business

It has been said that creative people dance to the beat of a unique drum. As self-confidence develops, they realize the rules of others don’t resonate with them, and a sense of freedom blossoms as they follow their passions. Reba Linker is applying, what I call, the heart process versus the expected structure of laying out a detailed plan on paper that is scrutinized by other people’s expectations. “The way I’m doing things now is basically the divine…


“My personal motto is ‘Every obstacle is a doorway’.”
-Reba Linker

“She taught the whole group, the doctor and me very valuable lessons by sharing her journey.” -Rachel Kieffer “Have the courage to allow yourself to get clear on what would make you feel alive.” -Patricia Young “The cold air in the back of your throat reminds you that you are alive.” -Jenn Ryan “The most amazing miracle happens when one writes from the heart.” -Natasha Botkin “I stood up to that mean girl and consequently had a burst of motivation and a week of guidance I could have never imagined.” -Ruthie Lewis “What often runs in the family is the same patterns of eating, behaviors, thoughts and beliefs.” -Rachel Kieffer “And the tears came, just a few at first, sneaking out of corners of my closed eyes, then a trickle, then a waterfall of silent sobs.” -Barb Parcells
Together we are inspiring a supportive community, a tribe of women, with a desire to change the world starting with Self. Generation after generation we learn from each other through our experiences and stories. Elements For A Healthier Life is a life enhancing website encouraging readers to explore ways to balance the work place, relationships, spirituality and body movement – health and wellness goes beyond the food we eat.