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Cover Story

February 2017

February 2017 | Click on image to view issue

A Heart vs. Head Centered Business
An Interview with Reba Linker, Author and Founder of AtoZ Healing Space
Written by C.K. Kochis – page 39

“My personal motto is
‘Every obstacle is a doorway’.”
-Reba Linker

Monthly Column

One Woman’s Story of Healing
Hortence’s Secret by Rachel Kieffer on page 26

“She taught the whole group, the doctor and me
very valuable lessons by sharing her journey.”
-Rachel Kieffer

Opening Bookend

A Welcome Note from the Publisher – page 8

In Between the Bookends

Meet Our Writers on page 10

Meet The Team on page 12

Create an Efficient Home Office by C.K. Kochis on page 15

7 Powerful Practices to Become More Positive by Patricia Young on page 16

“Have the courage to allow yourself to get
clear on what would make you feel alive.”
-Patricia Young

Keep on Moving & Grooving by Jenn Ryan on page 19

“The cold air in the back of your throat reminds you that you are alive.”
-Jenn Ryan

Write from the Heart by Natasha Botkin on page 21

“The most amazing miracle happens when one writes from the heart.”
-Natasha Botkin

I AM Enough by Ruthie Lewis on page 24

“I stood up to that mean girl and consequently had a
burst of motivation and a week of guidance I could have never imagined.”
-Ruthie Lewis

Moment of Zen on page 28

12 Safety Tips for Bike Riding by C.K. Kochis on page 31

Love Your Heart by Rachel Kieffer on page 33

“What often runs in the family is the same patterns
of eating, behaviors, thoughts and beliefs.”
-Rachel Kieffer

Hello, I Love You by Barb Parcells on page 35

“And the tears came, just a few at first, sneaking out of
corners of my closed eyes, then a trickle,
then a waterfall of silent sobs.”
-Barb Parcells

Herbal Flavorings on page 46

Time Savers on page 48

Caring for Your Cooking Oils on page 50

Hot to Cold Oils on page 51

Convert Fahrenheit to Celsius on page 52

Heart Healthy Soup
Recipe by Rachel Kieffer on page 53

Organic Green Coconut Soup
Recipe by Debra Oakland on page 54

Morning Blues
Recipe by C.K. Kochis on page 58

UnBox Your Kitchen by C.K. Kochis on page 60

Closing Bookend

In Gratitude on page 62