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Making a Difference

One Act of Self-Care at a Time

The human touch has a healing quality unlike any other. It can bring comfort to someone feeling lonely, depressed, and sad. It has the power to release tension and calm aggression. It enhances joy, love, celebration and appreciation. It can also be our greatest teacher.

Lisa Wamsley, CMT, LMT, is Making a Difference One Act of Self-Care at a Time. I met Lisa in November of 2005 in a writer's class taught by Elizabeth Buzzelli. Lisa is one of those individuals that lights up a room when she enters and gives a hug like no other. She is a woman of many talents and in this article, I am focusing on her career as a massage therapist and her experiences with... continue reading

Lisa Wamsley is 'Making a Difference One Act of Self-Care at a Time'. Rica Lewis shares how she transformed procrastination with into action steps. Rachel Kieffer writes of one woman's relationship with food, and Kat Tozier concludes her three-part series on power of yoga. Natasha Botkin takes us “into the woods”, and Kimberley Andrews tells us about her experience with oil of oregano. Eddie Mullins shares his insights and Sherry Lord explains the value of allowing relationships to evolve.

Publisher & Editor
Cynthia (C.K.) Kochis

Editorial Assistant
Jenn Ryan

Kimberley Anderson
Natasha Botkin
Sheryl Cook
Amanda Hinman
Rachel Kieffer
C.K. Kochis
Rica Lewis
Sherry Lord
Taunia May
Peggy Nolan
Debra Oakland
Kat Tozier

Cover Photograph
Lisa Wamsley

Contributing Photographers
Sheryl Cook
Rachel Kieffer
C.K. Kochis
Peggy Nolan
Debra Oakland
Lisa Wamsley

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Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine was published as a digital magazine from May 2016 to the May/June 2018 issue. The program used to display the publication on the internet was used to design the layout. In converting the digital editions to pdf format, some of the layout elements changed and become misaligned. 


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