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For some individuals organizing is a daunting task to be done another day. To others the act of keeping items organized is a lifeline to their sanity. Every in its place; a place for everything.

There are many ways we acquire recipes.

  • Tear it out of a magazine.
  • Download and print it from the internet
  • At the family or holiday gathering
  • A hand-me-down from grandma
  • Cookbooks

...and the list continues.


How do you organize your recipes?

Are they piled neat and orderly, or in disarray?

Organizing recipes is one aspect in the adventures of 'Kitchen Clean-Up'. To repetitively locate favorite recipes, follow your natural system for storing items. What system works best for you?

  • A bin that holds 8 ½” x 11” paper works wonderful for those who lack the desire to sort and categorize.
  • Placing loose recipes between the pages of corresponding recipe in a cookbook referred to often.
  • Sorting recipes based on categories (for example: meals, desserts, soups, chicken, pork, cookies, and etc.) and placing in a three-ring binder or recipe box.
  • Scanning recipes and storing in a computer file.

Share with us how you keep your recipes organized in the comments below. As a gift to you, DOWNLOAD the #UnBoxYourKitchen FREE recipe card.

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