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Cover Story

March 2017

Teaching Us How to Allow Love
An Interview with Natasha Botkin
Written by C.K. Kochis – page 40

“If you have true inner peace, nothing will rattle you. Your most prevalent growth occurs in the darkest moments. We grow in the dark. The dark is where the most beautiful creations begin.”
-Natasha Botkin

Monthly Column

One Woman’s Story of Healing
Jax by Rachel Kieffer on page 26

“We tend to be perfectionists and many years of dieting have taught us that we are ‘on’ or ‘off’ a diet and to see ourselves as being ‘good’ or ‘bad’ with every choice we make.”
-Rachel Kieffer

Opening Bookend

A Welcome Note from the Publisher – page 10

In Between the Bookends

Meet Our Writers on page 6

Meet The Team on page 8

Are You Supported by C.K. Kochis on page 12

5 Steps for Keeping Promises to Yourself by Patricia Young on page 14

“Whatever it is, we have to have a conversation with ourselves about what
we will allow ourselves to get away with. There have to be negotiables and non-negotiables.”
-Patricia Young

Writing from the Heart – Part 2 by Natasha Botkin on page 18

“Our heart speaks love from us, not from another; it is from deep within.”
-Natasha Botkin

Moment of Insight on page 22

Even a Flower Knows by Ruthie Lewis on page 28

“It always makes me wonder why, if a tiny flower can know its purpose
is to burst into full bloom, why is it so hard for us to do the same?”
-Ruthie Lewis

Love Yourself First by Debra Oakland on page 32

“Become intimate with the deepest layers of yourself.
Explore things that light a fire of joy in your heart.”
-Debra Oakland

Going Deeper by C.K. Kochis on page 46

The Gifts of the Five Elements in Nature by Reba Linker on page 49

“Being in closer touch with nature holds the grounding and
the affirmation that so many of us are looking for….”
-Reba Linker

Sap Rising by Barb Parcells on page 51

““Sooner or later we wake up knowing that the pail
is finally full and it is time to make it into something to nourish our souls.”
-Barb Parcells


Joy of Making Homemade Broth
Recipe by CK Kochis on page 52

5 Steps to Making Soup Like a Master Chef
Recipe by Rachel Kieffer on page 54

Braised Celery
Recipe by Rachel Kieffer on page 56

Convert Fahrenheit to Celsius on page 58

Vinegar, the Miracle Worker by C.K. Kochis on page 60

Closing Bookend

In Gratitude on page 62