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Gifting My Morel Harvest

Written by:
CK Kochis


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As you get to know me, you'll find that I love spending time in nature. I embrace the blessings in each season and all it has to offer.

Early in May, I wander to a special spot in the woods to search for morel mushrooms. Typically the morels start to pop up through the leaves the second week of May in the region where I reside. With a mild winter, and an unseasonably warm spring, the mushrooms are growing a couple weeks early. Hopefully that means a longer growing season.

Since I don’t eat mushrooms, I love to gift them to my mother. She gets the majority of my harvest and the rest I divvy up and share with friends that are unable to get the time, or are unable, to walk out in the woods. It’s my special way of saying thank you for all the things they’ve helped me with over time.

Searching for morels is a form of meditation for me. I find myself physically and mentally slowing down as I hunt for the "elusive" morels. I walk slower, pause often and focus my attention on my target.

Since the time my sons could walk, we would make our way out to our favorite spot in the woods each year. It has been a family tradition that has been passed down for generations. This year, I will be holding the hands of my grandsons as I introduce them to the joys of what nature gifts us.

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6 comments on “Gifting My Morel Harvest”

    1. Thank you, Lea. It warms my heart to be able to gift people something unique that they appreciate.

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