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Happiness is the experience.

Happiness is an amazing foundational goal, but thinking or feeling you must be happy every second of the day is delusional, this is not a balanced healthy life. Some happiness teachers may not like that statement, but oh well. I'm a truth speaker through my spiritual and shamanic teachings and energy medicine guidance, along with my own spiritual path experience, which has ups and downs within it just like yours. These days there seem to be a lot of confusion with delusion and inner truth.

"Happiness is an amazing foundational goal, but thinking or feeling you must be happy every second of the day is delusional, this is not a balanced healthy life." -Eddie Mullins

The ups and downs are the real spiritual teachings because they help us to dive deeper into figuring out who we are and unlocking our own sacred wisdom. In those shake-up moments, we experience lots of feelings such as joy, pride, sadness, anger, rage and the list goes on. Now, living with one feeling for years on end such as anger is not healthy. Happiness is that you experience balance while learning from your feelings to go deeper inside of the arrival of you and figure out who you are. This moves you beyond the cookie cutter human, and not waiting for someone to do it for you. You have everything within you to find balance through all of your feelings and inner self-reality.

YOU are your own guru. The role of the spiritual teacher/guide or healer is not to be the guru, but to assist you in exploring the unlocking of your own wisdom and healing, they are not there to fix you. Happiness is the opening and desire to explore your self-wisdom and knowing who you are from that wisdom.

Happiness is the mix of the balance and love!

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Eddie Mullins is a spiritual teacher of deep infinite spiritual consciousness, awareness, and peace through stillness, grace, love, and presence. He embodies a spiritual foundation of living from the origin of love, shamanic wisdom, enlightenment, and the infinite source God consciousness. Explore EddieMullins.com for insights, healing sessions, mentoring, courses and access Eddie's podcasts.

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