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A Journey Within Guided Meditation #2

Written by:
CK Kochis

Guided meditations assist us to destress, gain clarity, strengthen our immune system, and connection to Self. Listen as you are guided on a journey to hear your answers from within.

Find a comfortable place to sit, or lay, in a space where you're most likely not to be interrupted, and relax. 

I am glad you've joined me for the second episode of A Journey Within Guided Meditation.

Find a comfortable space to sit down or lie. Plan to rest there for the next ten minutes. Get comfortable and reduce your distractions by turning off your cell phone and just disconnect.

In a meditation yesterday, I received some insight that was pretty powerful and I'm going to share it with you.

Now that you're comfortable, go ahead and take in a nice deep inhale in through your nose and when you're ready go ahead and exhale. Simply let your thoughts just rest. If your mind is chattering and it does not want to slow down, simply envision it as a little monkey. There's a recliner over there; you send the monkey into the chair and the monkey mind gets comfortable.  You give it something to do and the monkey mind relaxes and calms down. Oh, look, the monkey mind is yawning, and he's closing his eyes. He's at peace. Now we can focus on us.

From the heavens from the universe there is a beautiful white light; all-knowing; all-powerful. It is of the purest love and light.  This light comes down from the heavens. It intuitively knows what to do. We simply allow this energy to come in through our crown chakra and descend to the earth.

This energy comes in through the crown chakra through the third eye chakra, the throat chakra, the heart chakra, the solar plexus, down into the sacral into the root chakra and continues down into the Earth. This serves as a gentle reminder we are all one. We are all divinely protected and guided.

Taking a nice beautiful breath and fill your lungs. As you fill your lungs, feel the pulse of the light and with each pulse, the light brightens. You notice it is in the same rhythm has your heart beat. When you're ready, exhale. Feel the pulse of life. When it feels right, fill your lungs again. Feel this pulse of light expand with each heartbeat, each chakra gets brighter and expands.

The brilliant, beautiful white light expands past the body. It is all knowing. Experience the love with each breath and with each exhale. You can feel the pulse of life within your chakras. You can see it. It is so magical, so peaceful, so relaxing.

You find a space within your heart that is safe. In this space, you ask the divine a question, something you've been inquiring and wanting to know your truth. You want to hear your authentic voice, your inner knowing, you ask...

[imagine asking the question]
[imaging the divine's response]

As you listen, you can feel your heartbeat. Feel the divine light in your chakras. Acknowledge that it has cleared the energies, balanced and transformed all that was ready to be transformed. All is in balance.

The light continues to flow. It is always there and if you close your eyes and imagine if you can feel it again. The divine light is always with you. It is the divine love in the purest form.

It's time to check in with the monkey mind. It is time to come back to your body.

We check on with the monkey mind and find the cute, little fuzzy monkey is waking up much calmer, and much more relaxed.

The monkey mind smiles at you. The monkey mind is grateful for the rest.

When you are ready go ahead and come back into the room. Wiggle your fingers. Wiggle your toes. Come back into the room in which we started. Come back to your body and back to the room. Stretch your arms out. Raise them above your head and then release them. Stretch your body. Move your body. We just moved a lot of energy, so it is important to gently move.

Now is a good time to write down any messages you received or any insights.

Namaste. Life is an amazing adventure.

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