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A Journey Within Guided Meditation - #1

Written by:
CK Kochis

Guided meditations assist us to destress, gain clarity, strengthen our immune system, and connection to Self. Listen as you are guided on a journey to hear your answers from within.

Find a comfortable place to sit, or lay, in a space where you're most likely not to be interrupted, and relax. 

Greetings and welcome. It is truly an honor and a privilege to have you with me for A Journey Within Guided Meditation.

Find a nice comfortable place to sit or lay down lay down. Get comfortable. For the next ten minutes, we're going to do a couple of deep breaths, chakra clearing and then we'll slip effortlessly into doing the journey meditation.

Relax roll your shoulders if you need to loosen up any tension and taking a nice deep inhale in through your nose. Fill your lungs. When you are ready, go ahead and exhale out through your mouth. At the bottom of that exhale, hold that space for just a moment. Inhale in through your nose, fill your lungs. At the top of that breath, hold that space for just a moment before exhaling out through your mouth.

As you inhale, imagine a beautiful white light coming down from the heaven and enters in through your crown chakra (above your head). Feel it transform and balance the energy in your crown chakra.

The energy flows down into your third eye chakra (above your eyebrow). It balances and transforms the energies.

The universe the light goes down into your throat chakra. It balances and transforms those energies there.

Without effort, the white light energy transcends down into your heart chakra. It balances and transforms the energy field to love.

The light the energy then flows downward into your solar plexus. It balances and transforms the energy within your solar plexus.

Feel the energy flow down into your sacral chakra (just below your navel). It balances and transforms the energies.

Feel it go downward into your root chakra (below your pelvis). It's transforming and balancing the energy.

The white light of energy continues down through the soles of your feet and into the Earth. This serves as a reminder that heaven and earth and you are connected. We are one.

You find yourself by your favorite beach. It is a warm, beautiful day and you can hear the birds nearby. You walk to the water's edge. You step your bare feet into the cool water. You can feel the sand mold around your toes.

You take in a nice deep inhale of the fresh air. It feels so good to be here again.

There's a large rock nearby. You walk to it. It has been here for many sunrises and sunsets. You acknowledge this rock has witnessed many cycles of life and you sit upon it.

A young child approaches you; they look to familiar you. You know this child. They ask if they can sit beside you and you offer them a spot next to you. Moments go by as the both of you watch the water. The child asks, "Do you have a question you'd like to ask me?"

You respond to the child with a smile and reply...

[image asking the child a question]
[imagine hearing their response]

Intuitively, you know the answer came from their heart and is heard at both your soul and physical level.

The child hops off the rock and now stands before you. There's an innocence in their eyes. The child looks into yours and said, "I have always loved you. You are a precious gift to me and to the world."

You close your eyes and allow the words to repeat in your mind, "I have always loved you. You are a precious gift to me and to the world."

When you open your eyes, you're back in your body and back in the room.

When you open your eye slowly and effortlessly, you are back in your body and back in the room in which we started.

Slowly wiggle your fingers and toes. Come back to the here and now.

Welcome back. Take a moment to write down any thoughts, messages, and answers you received during this guided meditation.

Namaste. Life is an amazing adventure.

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