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You're the Gift!

Written by:
Guest Writer

Internal Beauty

You’re a Gift
You’re a treasure
You’re a one of a kind
Dazzling display of Divine Radiance!
Can you see it as you gaze into your mirror?
Not really.
Oh, I see
It’s not showing your true reflection.
Let’s adjust that.
Deep breath.
Let out a soft sound as you exhale.
Great, now let your consciousness drop down into your heart space.
Take a few more breaths with a soft ahhhh as you settle in.
Looking with your inner eyes
Soften your gaze
and behold the reflection of your own heart.
Peak beneath the broken and well worn armor
Beyond all disillusionments
and doubt
Can you see it?
The beauty
The treasure
The gift!
It’s you!
Isn’t She glorious!
What more could anyone want
but Your Presence.

Featured Writer

Joni Advent Maher, MSW is a Spiritual Feminist, Podcast Priestess and Sacred Feminine Coach. She supports women in creating more ease and empowerment in their relationships, finances, businesses and lives through soulfully embodying their unique Feminine Essence. You can follow her on ITunes at Trust Your Sacred Feminine Flow, on Facebook at Sacred Feminine.

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