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I'm A B*tch

Written by:
CK Kochis

Imagine focusing on getting rich one week at a time. What could you manifest? How much abundance could you acquire? Would you keep track?

The desire to free our money block, the four-women mastermind group I belong to chose to read Get Rich, Lucky Bitch written by Denise Duffield-Thomas and discuss one chapter a week. The results have been phenomenal.

One week I manifested (received unexpected and unpredictable) $200. Denise shares her insights on how to feel good about money, recognizing internal money saboteurs, create big money goals and overcome the resistance to obtain financial wealth.

What I learned in my experience during these weeks is that my energetic focus directly affects my reality. Yes. How I feel impacts how I interpret the events going on in my financial life. When I felt my bank accounts were in a good state, money seemed to appear. Once I allowed fear to fill my mind and loop relentlessly in a space where I was worried about having no money, my bank accounts seemed to drain quickly to unexpected expenses.

One of the practices Denise writes about is keeping track of all incoming money, gifts and the value of freebees received. This act helps a person to see that riches comes to us in various ways beyond the routine payroll check and interest dividends.

There’s an attention diversion system that works like this, the crowd at at basketball game was encouraged to count the number of times the players foul the opposite team. While the crowd focused intently on the actions of the players, they did not notice the gorilla walk across the floor. A similar concept is applied in this system. What you focus on directs/diverts your attention. My intent is to maintain the practice of tracking incoming money and giving myself permission to feel rich. Are you willing to get rich, Lucky B?


This book review appeared in the October/November 2017 issue of Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine. Read this issue.

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