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May you find the inspiration you seek from the pages of Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine and this website.

“The kitchen is where friends and family come together for good food and conversations that nourish the mind, body and soul.”
-C.K. Kochis

“Happiness is an amazing foundational goal, but thinking or feeling you must be happy every second of the day is delusional, this is not a balanced healthy life.”
-Eddie Mullins [The Guru is YOU]

“If you choose to wear rose-colored glasses, travel’s magic, mystery, and miracles might appear more often and synchronistically!”
-Lore Raymond [5 Ways to Make Summer Travel a Spiritual Practice]


“The truth is that we are all going to get older. All the cosmetics and surgery in the world will not stop the natural progression of our bodies to change as we age.”
-Barb Parcells [A New Mindset For Healthy Aging]

“There’s a lot of times, that if our creativity is not expressed and if our talents are not used, we are going to go to food to compensate.”
– Rachel Kieffer [Making a Difference One Healthy Choice at a Time]

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Our Mission

Elements For A Healthier Life offers a unique collaboration of nonfiction health and wellness articles, professional insights, personal stories of transformation and healthy, home-cooking recipes. Together we inspire you to fall in love with Self, feel their best and find balance in the five elements for a healthier life. The course of action is up to you.

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