Writer’s Inspiration

Looking for inspiration?  We’ve put together a list for each category to help inspire the creative juices.

Our editorial team welcomes duplicate submissions on the same topics.  Each of us write in our own rhythm, interpretation, and unique voice.

In The Workplace

Dealing with the mean co-workers
Experience of launching a new business
Marketing your business
What you learned while climbing to the top
Being a better manager/boss
Transitioning from employee to being your own boss
How to stay positive in a stressful job
Get organized (desk, files, emails, or ___)


Sisters as best friends
Solitude for the busy person
Healing from a break-up
Taking care of elderly parents
The most romantic thing you’ve done for your significant other
Going on an adventure
Ways to romance your lover (keep it rated PG)
When your child starts college
How remodeling your home affected the family

Body Movement

Yoga practices
Finding an accountability partner
The benefits of getting a massage
Hiking, bicycling, and/or canoeing
Maintaining an exercise program
A new outdoor activity you recently tried
Swimming and time at the beach
Exploring lighthouses
Finding the right exercise accountability partner


Where do you like to meditate
Time in nature as a spiritual practice
Clearing your space (decluttering)
Daily gratitude
Benefits of journaling
Practicing gratitude
Ways to find solitude when too busy
Transitioning old beliefs to healthier, more loving beliefs
Doodling/drawing as a way to meditate

In The Kichen

Treasures from a bee hive
Going to the farmer’s market
Ways to get away from eating processed foods
Elimination diet (finding food triggers)
Herbal oils
Ways to stop eating sugar
Joys of canning
How to dry herbs
Growing vegetables


Pucker power – variety of lemonade recipes
Homemade breads
Vegetarian burgers
Preparing hard squash
Canning tomatoes (sauces, salsa, ketchup, etc)
Making kombacha
Gluten-Free Alternatives

More Inspiration

1. Share how you prepare for a marathon (or other event that requires intensive training).
2. A. Why did you choose to eat [gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, paleo]? B. How did you inform the family? What resistance did you face? C. How has changing your eating affected your life, and in what ways? This could be a 3-month series.
3. Share with us your knowledge about mediation. Which type do you prefer? What are the benefits? How has it impacted your life?
4. During cold and flu season, how do you keep yourself healthy in your work environment?
5. What is the best advice you’ve received in regards to managing money?
6. What are at least five ways to change your circumstances in the workplace?
7. How do you practice gratitude on a daily basis?
8. What are the health benefits of drinking teas?  Which herbs do you prefer?
9. Share how you found the courage to forgive your cheating spouse?
10. How does exercise keep your skin looking vibrant and younger?


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