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A Note From C.K. Kochis, Publisher

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I am honored and appreciate you are taking the time to learn more on how to share your personal stories of transformation, profession-type articles, and recipes with our global audience.  Elements For A Healthier Life offers a unique collaboration of nonfiction health and wellness articles, stories, and recipes. Together we can inspire people to feel better and find balance with our pearls of wisdom for those ready for personal growth. If you are an unpublished, first-time writer, I encourage you to submit your story or article. If you would like to write for us, please familiarize yourself with our policies.


Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine’s and Live Life In Motion (website articles) editorial departments and topics speak to the essence of the authentic self. We strive to bring inspirational, informative content to support you, our audience, personally and professionally. No matter where you are on your journey, it is our greatest desire that you will find the resources, tools, and wisdom to support you throughout our magazine.

The Workplace

We spend most of our waking hours focused on our jobs and the work place. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, executive or a work-at-home mom, the articles and stories in this section will offer examples of finding balance between work and home, how to get ahead in the workplace, and starting and maintaining a business. Share your ideas on how to support individuals in their desire to thrive in their workplace.


Our relationships bring us our greatest blessings as well as our greatest challenges. We welcome positive, heart-centered stories and articles ranging from family, intimate relationship and friendships. Share the pearls of wisdom you have learned and hopeful experiences.


We find peace of mind when we feel connected to the divine (God/Spirit/Universe). Spirituality is about loving and having compassion towards our self and others. Explore various ways to experience peace of mind, mental relaxation, personal discovery, trust your intuition and develop a deeper sense of self-love (please note: this section is not intended to convert or alter anyone’s beliefs or religious practices).

Body Movement

To some exercise is a dirty word; to others it is a way of life. Share with our audience your triumphs, struggles, wisdom gained, resources and the tips you’ve learn on the journey to move that gorgeous body of yours.

In The Kitchen

We have a complex, yet simple, relationship with food. It is the energy that fuels our life. I am strong believer in one man’s food is another person’s poison. This is broad subject, and a delicious one at that. How did you change your meals to be healthier? How did an illness affect your dinner plate? Did your overcome a sugar addition; how did you do it? We turn to food for many reasons. Share your story; you could help someone to find the encouragement for wellness, feel less alone in their situation, or simply add some pizzazz to meal-time.

Do you have a family favorite recipe you’d like to share? Be sure to include photographs and complete step-by-step instructions.

“Inspire someone to explore the
elements for a healthier life
with your pearls of wisdom, articles and stories.”

Magazine’s Monthly Theme

At C.K. Kochis, LLC, we do things a little different than what most are accustom. There is no set monthly theme to each issue.  As a heart-centered magazine, a common thread naturally occurs and becomes clear when the editorial team paginates the pages after the submission deadline.   C.K. Kochis, Editor and Publisher, is a strong believer in ‘following your heart’; especially when it comes to writing. The Writer’s Inspiration page offers a variety of ideas and motivation. When you sit down to write, and inspiration fills the pages – that’s what you are meant to write and share. Those are the submissions we are seeking to publish. #WriteOn!

Still not sure if your idea fits our magazine and website, send your query to WritetoCindy@ElementsForAHealthierLife.com.

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Write For Us

Magazine Details:

  • Free subscription to view May to September 2016 issues
  • Beginning with the October’s issue: single issue price $1.99; one year subscription is $5.99 (6 issues)
  • Target audience: women and men 35 years of life and older
  • Publish date: 22nd of even numbered months (February, April, June, August, October,
  • Story and recipe submission deadline: 1st of the month prior to publish date
    (example: August 22, 2017 issue, deadline is July 8th)
  • Advertising deadline: 15th of the month prior to publish date. Please contact our advertising team at writetocindy@elementsforahealthierlife.com for information.
  • Affiliate link(s) are a great way to promote events and products.  If you have an affiliate link, email your information to writetocindy@elementsforahealthierlife.com for consideration.
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Notification of Change:

As of the April/May/June 2017 issue of Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine, the publication dated has changed from publishing on the 22nd of each month to publishing BI-MONTHLY on the 22nd of the even numbered months.
February 22nd | April 22nd | June 22nd | August 22nd |October 22nd | December 22nd
Issue Price - $1.99 per issue  |  1-Year Subscription $5.99 (6 issues)

Writer’s Guidelines Magazine & Website

General Agreements & Policies

We strive to do our best to inform you on the status of your article or its acceptance. Rest assured, if your article is selected, you will be notified via email address you provided at time of submission. Though you may not hear right away your article may be perfect for a future issue and is on file. The Editorial Team of Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine, UnBox Your Kitchen Newsletter and Live Life In Motion (website articles) has full right to deny any submission for any reason.

At this time CKKochis, LLC does not compensate for editorial content. Submission of stories, articles, recipes, and confirmation of receipt of article is not a statement of acceptance that the story/article will appear on the Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine, UnBox Your Kitchen Newsletter and Live Life In Motion (website articles). It is understood that in submitting an article for consideration does not guarantee it will be published.

You are encouraged to share additional articles, stories, and recipes that are appealing to your audience.  Together we can build a tribe of readers with the intent of sharing kindness, love, and support.

Read Writer’s Tips

Content & Tone

Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine and Live Life In Motion (website articles) are life enhancing, health and wellness publications dedicated to encourage our readers to explore ways to balance the workplace, relationships, spirituality and body movement – health and wellness is not only about the food we eat. We do not accept infomercials, sales pitches or any promotional materials for editorial content (please view our information regarding advertising).

The voice of Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine, UnBox Your Kitchen Newsletter and Live Life In Motion (website articles) is casual, loving, somewhat sassy, uplifting, informative, and encouraging.

Publication & Editing

It is your responsibility to submit publication-ready articles/stories/recipes.   Please proofread and edit your work before submitting.

It Is understood that all submissions will be considered for publishing may appear in Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine, UnBox Your Kitchen Newsletter and/or Live Life In Motion (website articles). All accepted articles are subject to editing.  The Editorial Team reserves the right to edit all writer contributions for clarity or length. Changes (sentence structure, punctuation, spelling, grammar, syntax, lengths) will be made at the discretion of the editorial team. Submissions may be edited as necessary to comply with our editorial standards. All headlines, subheads, table of contents copy, captions, and other miscellaneous related editorial copy may be written and edited with our editorial standards.

We publish original, first-run articles and stories in Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine.  If an article submitted to Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine has appeared in any other publication in the past year please note that in your submission. Only nonfiction articles, stories, and recipes are considered. We welcome unpublished and first-time writers.

Your voice is authentic, and we will do what we can to maintain your authenticity.

Read Writer’s Tips


The total length of the stories and articles submitted for consideration in Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine should be 100 to 1,600 words (including sidebars) and in the Live Life In Motion (website articles) the accepted word count is 50 to 900.

Expectations of Contributor Writers

Please read before submitting.
By submitting your article, story and/or recipe to be published in Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine, UnBox Your Kitchen Newsletter and Live Life In Motion (website articles), you agree to share multiple posts in your social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) throughout the month, and at least one promotional mention in your newsletter, if your submission is accepted.

We value and respect the collaboration partnership and support of our writers.

If our collaborative partnership resonates with you, we invite you to submit your personal story, wellness tools, professional insights, wisdom from life experiences and recipes. Thank you.

Please read before submitting.
Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine has a newsstand price.  We know our product is valuable and priced fairly.  It is expected that if you’d like to read your submission after publication that you’ll purchase that issue.  You would not approach a dressmaker, take the pretty red dress they stitched together off the hanger, and expect to wear it to dinner without paying for it.   As a writer in several collaborative projects, I pay for the books I place on my bookshelf.

Submit Your Story

Please submit your story, article, or recipe by completing the following form; photographs are to be emailed to writetocindy@elementsforahealthierlife.com.  All photography must include the name of the photographer and their permission to publish it.


If you would like your biography to appear with the submission, please use  75 words* (or less) and include one website link.  As a courtesy, we will also include your bio on the Contributor’s page for a minimum of three months after the most recent published article date.*

Biography includes: your name, business name (if applicable), your title/role, brief description of your services and what you do for a living, titles of the books you’ve published, website or blog.**

*Individuals contributing a recipe without an article or accompanying story will have a bi-line with the article.
**Please note: the Editor has the right to edit, and refuse, biographies for content, spelling and grammar errors, number of words and etc.

Please note: the editing team will edit biographies longer than 75 words to fit our format.

Thank you.

Article/Story Submission Form

*Required field

Please email accompanying photographs to writetocindy@elementsforahealthierlife.com with the notation "I authorize C.K. Kochis, LLC, and its staff, to use the photographs I am providing for this submission." Clearly note the name of the photographer, and provide their permission to use the image.

By completing this form, you acknowledge you have read the Writer's Guidelines and agree to all the policies on the Write For Us page.

Article Submission
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Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine - minimum 50 words/maximum 1800 words. | Live Life In Motion - minimum 50 words/maximum 900 words. | UnBox Your Kitchen - minimum 50 words/maximum 900 words.
Maximum 75 words. Write "Use bio on file" if you would like us to use your previous biography.
Additional information

Recipe Submission Form

Recipe Submission
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Maximum 75 words. Write "Use bio on file" if you would like us to use your previous biography.
Additional information

*The rule, guidelines, and policies on this page may change without notice.  Be sure to review this page each time you submit an article, story or recipe.

Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine and website are products of created by C.K. Kochis, LLC.