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Issue 13 | August/September 2017

Issue 13 | August/September 2017Get ready to live life in motion! We explore “When is the right moment to transform?” Change occurs with awareness. You’ll discover ten key principles of a heart-centered leader, learn what it...

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Issue 12 | April/May/June 2017

Issue 12 | April-May-June 2017Welcome to the anniversary issue of Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine. It’s truly been a dream come true for me. I want to express my gratitude to those who sent their condolences and held my...

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Issue 11 | March 22, 2017

Issue 11 | March 2017Looking for love? Have a desire to experience the kind only you can give yourself? You’ll find it on the pages of this month’s issue of Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine. From getting...

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10 Issue | February 22, 2017

Issue 10 | February 2017Are you following your heart or the recycled voices in your head? Inside the February issue of Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine we share our personal stories and pearls of wisdom of transformation....

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