Meet The Team

Meet the creative team

Our Words Have Power

There’s a story within each person, motivating every action, filling the moment. Our beliefs and experiences weave together to create the story of our lives. On our journey, we reaffirm the things we already know and learn to adjust our beliefs based on what the journey has shown us. We invite you to meet the creative team behind the scenes.

“Like waves on the ocean, life is always in motion; even in stillness.” -C.K. Kochis

Meet The Creative Team

“We come together, writing from our hearts, to share our wisdom and guide each other to our “Self”. ” ~C.K. Kochis

C.K. Kochis

C.K. (Cindy) Kochis

Founder & Publisher

C.K. Kochis, INHC, transformed her Integrative Nutrition health coaching practice into the foundation of Elements For A Healthier Life.

Jenn Ryan

Jenn Ryan

Editorial Assistant

Jenn Ryan is an urban farmer and perennial garden enthusiast, mixed media artist, yogi, and mead maven.

In The Beginning

Elements For A Healthier Life Magazine first appeared on the digital newsstand scene on May 22, 2016.

“It has been my dream since I was a little girl (sneaking off and typing on my mother’s typewriter I wasn’t allowed to use) to write and publish a magazine. In hindsight, it is interesting how I just happened to land a job as a sales representative at a local newspaper and learn the behind the scenes process of newspaper publishing.  From there I moved into a sales position at a radio station.  As much fun as I had at the radio station, my heart was in print.  I was given the opportunity of a lifetime to work at another local newspaper, and I took it!  At the second newspaper, I was given creative freedom to develop sales promotions and write.  I was in heaven!  I learned more about the publishing business and how all of the elements (departments) are just as important as the next to putting out the next issue.” ~C.K. Kochis

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