Grief. It will break you, embrace you and will intensify everything.

On this side of grief…

…we discover our true essence on a deeper level.

Grieving is a personal experience that will force you to feel emotions on a deeper level than you thought possible. You will laugh harder than ever before, you will cry to the edge of your demise, and, odds are, everything you feel from this point forward will be more intensified.

These words literally wrote themselves as I composed the landing page for Aligning to Live Life in Motion 5-week course.

For those of you that have experienced the loss of a loved one, does that statement resonate with you? As I walk my journey experiencing the loss of a child, I am witnessing my emotions deepening, my vulnerability widening and my ability to sense the true essence of the people I encounter developing on a grander scale.

As a result, I am getting better at listening to my own advice. My impulsively, self-sabotaging ways dramatically declined once I began to open up and started talking to others on the topic of grief. There is a mutual exchange of compassion and support as we help each other walk this emotional path.

A powerful statement I find myself saying often is we intuitively teach what we need to learn.

On Friday, I spent time with one of my closest friends in the gift store where she worked side-by-side with her husband. We talked about how she was adjusting to his passing two weeks prior. It was during our heart-to-heart conversation I found myself sharing pearls of wisdom that I also needed to hear.

  • No one could have loved him more than you.
  • No one would have cared for him as you did.
  • Please don’t fall into the rabbit-hole of shoulda-coulda-woulda’s.
  • You did the best that you could with what you knew then, the emotions you felt in those moments and in the circumstances your relationship was at the time.
  • Feel what you feel. Do not stifle your tears.
  • You have an amazing support group, call them when you need to talk.

It is easy to fall down the rabbit-hole of shoulda-coulda-would’s (I should have been a better mother/wife/friend… I could have done XYZ better… If only I would have know ABC… …they would still be alive). I know. I still occasionally trip and fall down it.

This spring I reached the pivotal point when I decided it’s time to live my life in motion and get out of the recliner. I turned my focus to the lessons I learned to become a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and use as the foundation for (and the associated magazine). I evaluated my business (workplace), came out of hiding and started interacting with friends (relationships), started to be more active outside (body movement), began strengthening my connection with “spirit” (spirituality) and nourishing by precious body with healthier foods.

This is who I am – a coach. I have a natural gift of bringing comfort to those who seek it, wisdom to those willing to listen and guide those ready to transform their stagnant existence to that of living life in motion. I (we) intuitively teach what I (we) need to learn.

I am learning, just as you are, how to experience more joy and explore ways to love Self with a heart wide open on this side of grief. If your life journey has led you to experiencing the loss of a child, I invite you to explore Aligning to Live Life in Motion self-study course.

Our words have power. Our stories matter.