You’re the Gift!

You’re a Gift You’re a treasure You’re a one of a kind Dazzling display of Divine Radiance! Can you see it as you gaze into your mirror? No? Not really. Oh, I see It’s not showing your true reflection. Let’s … Read More

A New Mindset For Healthy Aging

When it comes to the subject of aging in this society, there seems to be two very distinct ways of dealing with it: Not Me! – This approach completely denies the existence of aging… it may happen to other people … Read More

Issue 14 | October/November 2017

It is my honor to share with you the October/November issue of #ElementsForAHealthierLife Magazine.   Dr. Ginny Baro has a natural gift of elevating women to see their fullest potential. Cindy spoke with Dr. Baro about what it means to … Read More

Apple Pie Hints & Tips

Most recipes call for five to six cups of sliced apples for a 9- or 10-inch pie dish. 1 pound of apples is equivalent to 2 – 2 ½ cups chopped/sliced apples, or three medium apples. Purchase in season apples … Read More

Simply Juicy Bone Broth

I know it can sometimes seem like you need loads of time to make bone broth, but it doesn’t have to be that complicated. Anytime I make a chicken for dinner, I simply pull out my crock pot, toss in … Read More

Kombucha Rose

This berry yumminess is one your going to want to make! Kombucha a is fermented tea that has been around for many moons! Its healthy bacteria is beneficial to the body because it helps break down the food making digestion … Read More


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21-Day Live Life In Motion Alignment

Creator: C.K. Kochis, INHC Focus the next 21-days on eating healthier, moving our precious bodies, connecting with Self, in the workplace and strengthening relationships. Week One: With Awareness Comes Adjustment Week Two: Explore Our Passions Week Three: Focus on the … Read More