08 Issue | December 2016

Table of Contents

Cover Story

Making a Difference
One Mindset at a Time with Kate Clarke
by C.K. Kochis on page 14

“People come back to tell me the one thing
that really made a difference to them.”
-Kate Clarke

In the Workplace

Procrastination Until Tomorrow? by Patricia Young on page 20


One Woman’s Story of Healing: Overcoming Obstacles by Rachel Kieffer on page 24

“Lucy’s journey has been one of the most amazing experiences for me,
it taught me about the strength of the human spirit, it inspired me to overcome my
own obstacles, and it is the reason why I do the work that I do. ”
-Rachel Kieffer

O Christmas Tree by Jen Flick on page 27

New Year’s Resolutions for Some by Ruthie Lewis on page 30

“We simply step into more traditions of resolutions from a place
of “should” when the truth is we most likely don’t even know
what we really want or actually need.”
-Ruthie Lewis

The Wonders of a Shift in Perspective by Patricia Young on page 32

Body Movement

Is Yoga For Me? by Jenn Ryan on page 35

Forget About New Year Resolutions, Do This Instead by Rachel Kieffer on page 37


The Other Side of the Coin by Barb Parcells on page 41

“My truth may not be the same as your truth, but my
truth includes behaving in a way that does no harm
to anyone in thought, word or deed.”
-Barb Parcells

Heart Whispers In the Dark by Natasha Botkin on page 45

“Time for the truth. Your epiphany is strong and your divine
idea is grand. Then the ding of social media chimes and
your ego says aha – time to knock her off course.”
-Natasha Botkin

Five Awesome Books that Must be on Your Christmas List by Peggy Nolan on page 47

Can You Create Your Dreams in 2017? by Katt Tozier on page 50

In the Kitchen

Honey Melon Creams
Recipe by Francisca Rigaud on page 53

Turkey Egg Cups with a Side of Yum!
Recipe by Debra Oakland on page 54

Orange-Coconut Cookies
Recipe by Rachel Kieffer on page 57

Taking Food Allergies Seriously by C.K. Kochis on page 61

Monthly Features

A Welcome Note – page 8
Meet Our Writers – page 10
Meet The Team – page 13
Moment of Zen – page 38
Convert Farenheit to Celsius – page 56
In Gratitude – page 63


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