05 Issue | September 22, 2016

Table of Contents

Cover Story

Making a Difference
One Piece of Art at a Time with Jenn Ryan
by Jenn Ryan on page 32

September 2016
September 2016 | Click on image to view issue

In the Workplace

What Size is the Right Fit for You? by Reba Linker on page 12

One Woman’s Story of Healing:
Career Choices by Rachel Kieffer on page 16


Story Slice – Infinity by Peggy Nolan on page 20

Letting Love In by Natasha Botkin on page 22

Body Movement

Connecting Your Mind Body and Spirit Through Yoga by Kat Tozier on page 24

My Healing Journey with Migraines by Donna Genovese on page 28


Art As Therapy by Jenn Ryan on page 32

Listening to a Loving Voice
Conversation with Eddie Mullins by C.K. Kochis on page 38

In the Kitchen

Zen of Canning
Recipe by Kat Tozier on page 42

Tomato-Basil Quarts
Recipe by Kat Tozier on page 45

Ode to Isabel
Recipe by Jenn Ryan on page 46

Nature’s Way to Help Sooth the Cold
Recipe by Rachel Kieffer on page 48

Pumpkin Tea Bread
Recipe by Tae Lynne on page 49

Apple Pie Hints & Tips
Recipe by C.K. Kochis on page 50

Getting Ready for Butternut Squash Soup Season
Recipe by C.K. Kochis on page 51

Monthly Features

A Welcome Note – page 7
Meet Our Writers – page 8
Convert Farenheit to Celsius – page 53
In Gratitude – page 55


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